Student Parking 

All student drivers must have submitted an application (available in the BHHS office and the main office), as well as made the purchase of a parking tag to park on the James Lawson Campus.

Any car parked on campus without a parking tag displayed on their rearview will be stickered and fined. Loaning or "borrowing" a tag that doesn't belong to the registered car is prohibited.

Purchasing a Parking Tag

There are two tags available for purchase at the link below. After purchase bring proof of purchase to Dr.Holdren in the BHHS office.

  • Open student parking-South Lot
  • Reserved student parking-West Lot 

Parking Passes 2023-2024

Painting a Reserved Parking Space

Students who have made the purchase of a reserved spot in the West lot may paint their space in accordance with the guidelines provided. 

  • All designs/pictures/wording/etc. must be school appropriate.  If not, it will be painted over, and you will not have the option to repaint.
  • All painting supplies must be provided by student and cleaned up after painting.
  • If painting on a non-school day You will not have access to get into the building, bring what you need with you.
    Have fun!!  We can’t wait to see your creativity!

Please email Dr. Danielle Holdren with any questions.

Find My Bus Stop

The Find My Bus Stop online tool provides families with the planned school bus route/stop information. Actual route/stop times could vary due to driver shortage route coverage, traffic or mechanical breakdowns. If your student’s bus is more than 15 minutes later than expected  feel free to call (615) 259-INFO (4636).

To find your student's route and stop:

  • Use the Find My Bus Stop online search tool.
  •  Enter your student's grade and your address for the result to generate.

WeGo Public Bus Information

WeGo bus rides for MNPS high school students are provided free with their current year school ID [without MNPS ID regular fares apply]. At the school, passengers will be picked up and dropped off at the same stop outside the building by the North lot. Students are permitted to wait outside at the bus stop, or inside the building at the library.

For assistance in obtaining an MNPS student ID

For WeGo Transit Customer Service

  • Call 615-862-5950 or email WeGo

Route 70 Bellevue will operate on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
Connecting routes 3B West End/Bellevue, 88 Dickson, and 50 Charlotte Pike transfer at Coley Davis Park-and-Ride Center taking students up to campus.

Route Information/Schedules 

  • To see a timetable of arrivals and departures visit the WeGo Transit Site
    • To see arrival times in your desired direction select 'To Charlotte' or 'To Bellevue' under the direction dropdown menu and select 'Go'.
    • To view the full bus route with all stops included and updated arrival times check the box labeled 'Show All Stops' and click on your desired stop.
  • For more information about connecting buses view the right column of the site under 'Connections'

Google maps image with route highlighted.

Visit the WeGo website to view the printed bus information *Times printed subject to change*