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Lawson High School students have the opportunity to develop both career and college readiness skills through the variety of programs offered.

Enrollment in career academies offers students the opportunity to work with local business partners, attend job shadows and internships and earn industry certifications.

In addition to enrolling in one of Lawson's three career academies, students also have the opportunity take multiple advanced placement courses and dual enrollment courses. These options give each student the opportunity to tailor a personalized learning plan to fit his or her needs. The myriad of academic opportunities, coupled with a robust fine arts and athletics program -- all in brand new facilities -- will provide students with an inclusive and supportive environment that challenges them to work to their full potential.

This site offers details about the school's advanced academics, plus:

Advanced Academics

Lawson will provide students many opportunities to enroll in advanced coursework.

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves academically and take advantage of the opportunities that best align with their postsecondary aspirations and goals. Many of these opportunities can be applied toward college credit to save both time and money in the future.

Metro Schools encourages all students to consider pursuing challenging courses. Advanced courses can open future doors, be rewarding intellectually, and help students stretch themselves to reach their potential. 

Lawson students can work with their school counselors to learn more about, and enroll, in advanced courses.

Advanced Academics Course Categories

  • AP — Advanced Placement courses, which allow students to take courses in many different subjects and then complete an exam in May to potentially earn college credit.
  • DC — Dual Credit courses, which allow students to earn college credits by passing a college exam.
  • DE — Dual Enrollment courses, which allow students to earn college credits by passing a college course, most commonly offered through Nashville State Community College.
  • IC — Industry Credential courses, which prepare students to pass an industry certification exam.

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